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Zachary brooks Mckinney


My passion and expertise lie at the confluence of neural rehabilitation technology, clinical practice, and human experience. Presently, my primary focus is on the translational research and clinical validation of wearable exoskeletal robotics for neural rehabilitation. As a complement, I am working to promote further standardization of neural interfacing technologies, towards a more open, interoperable ecosystem of bionic technologies that enhance human performance and experience. 

In this pursuit, I am drawing on my 11 years of experience spanning a range of MedTech-related disciplines, from laboratory R&D to clinical research to technology transfer & commercialization.  To translate these insights into further action, I am also engaged in projects in the domains of rehabilitation robotics and biomedical informatics.

Beyond my efforts to accelerate the technology-driven transformation of health care, I am eagerly committed to a worldview of inquiry and progress, based on the continual accumulation, integration, and application of knowledge to the flourishing of all humans.

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