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Michael Tannous

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Michael Tannous received his BSc degree and MSc degree respectively in IT Engineering and Automation & Robotics Engineering from the University of Pisa, Italy. He collaborated in many accademic and Euopean projects (e.g. EUROC Challenge, WEARHAP) at the University of Pisa, Laboratory Tecnologie Microelettroniche e Microsistemi and Research Center E.Piaggio. In the 2017, he started working on collaborative robotics at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna as a research assistant in a joint lab with Baker-Hughes, General Electric, In the 2018, he became a PhD student in BioRobotics.

Contributo su Rivista

The main reserach topic is related to Human-machine and machine-machine interactions in the industrial field. 

Involved in the following research projects:

GALILEO and INTELLIGENT Welding projects

- 2018 BHGE Annual Meeting - Baker-Hughes General Electric. Demo of the Remote Welding system,  29-30 January | Florence, Italy




Romano, Donato, et al. "Impact of aging and cognitive mechanisms on high-speed motor activation patterns: evidence from an orthoptera-robot interaction." IEEE Transactions on Medical Robotics and Bionics (2020).

Tannous, Michael, et al. "Haptic-based touch detection for collaborative robots in welding applications." Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing 64 (2020): 101952.


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