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Mariagrazia Alabrese


Mariagrazia Alabrese has been Assistant Professor of agricultural, food and agri-environmental law at the Institute of Law, Politics and Development (Dirpolis) of the Sant’Anna School (Pisa – IT) since April 2011. She is also a registered lawyer (Bar of Pisa, Italy).

Mariagrazia graduated in law at the University of Pisa with honours in 2002 with a thesis on the regulation of food chains. She holds a Ph.D in Italian and Comparative Agricultural Law at the University of Pisa (2007) with a thesis on agricultural risks as regulated in European and national agricultural law.

Mariagrazia is deputy-coordinator for the Ph.D Programme in Human Rights and Global Politics: Legal, Philosophical and Economic Challenges.

She is member of the management board of the World Union of Agricultural Law Professors (UMAU), member of the Italian Agrarian Law Association (AICDA) and of the Italian Food Law Association (AIDA-IFLA).


Contributo su Rivista

My research activity is totally within the field of 'agricultural and food law' and it addresses the social and environmental issues as well as the technological challenges (e.g. digital agriculture and smart-agrifood) to which modern agricultural law has to respond.

In the last few years I have been working on both national and EU law on several agri-food topics such as the labeling and quality of food, and food security and the right to food, which were also addressed from an international law perspective, with a particular focus on the rules of international trade (theme of my most recent monograph).

My activities are also focused on sustainability and climate change. Within this field I consider the issue of climate variability in connection with both the agricultural policies and the food legal discipline. One of my research line is related to the climate change-agriculture-right to food nexus and the way in which it is taken into account by the European Union law and international law (both in the context of human rights legal framework and the legal sources on climate change).

The main focus of Mariagrazia's teaching experience in the last few years has been on:

  • Global Food Security
  • The Translatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): agri-food and agri-environmental issues
  • WTO, Agriculture and Environment
  • The European Common Agricultural Policy and the role of agricultural policies in food security
  • Bioenergy, food security and sustainable development.


Istituto di Diritto, Politica e Sviluppo

  • Consiglio Istituto Dirpolis
  • Collegio dei docenti Phd in Human Rights and Global Politics

La Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: aspetti rilevanti di diritto agroambientale