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Lorenzo De marinis


Ph.D. candidate in Emerging Digital Technologies at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, BS and MS (Cum Laude) in Electronic Engineering at the University of Pisa.

I have always been fascinated by new technologies, that is why I have enrolled in the Electronic Engineering course at university of Pisa.
The course gave me insights both on the physics behind electronic devices and on the practical development of analog, digital and
mixed-signals circuits from single device to system level. My interest in research showed up during my thesis work on integrated vertical
cavity lasers that opened me to the world of photonics.

My Ph.D. project on photonic neuromorphic computing fits well with the variety of my research interests spanning from semiconductor
lasers and photonic integrated circuits to analog processing, forefront neuromorphic devices and artificial intelligence. My Ph.D work
mainly consists in the design, fabrication and validation of photonic circuits for neuromorphic computing. I developed also some skills
on the development of neural networks for the deployment in networking scenarios.

Starting from a technical background, thanks to the multidisciplinary environment of Scuola Sant'Anna I have acquired also some insights
on the social, economic and ethical issues related to modern AI systems.

Contributo su Rivista

Photonic integrated circuit design for neuromorphic computing with a focus on electronic-photonic codesign and analog computing.


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