The ITPCM Newsletter was first published in April 2007. It initially served as a virtual space for info sharing (insights, stories and field expertise), open to all those people that in different capacities had dealt with the ITPCM (trainees, trainers, lecturers, practitioners, project partners, scholars, field personnel). With the years it developed into a tool for addressing major international issues and developments, from the ITPCM perspective, that is, by looking at their geopolitical, humanitarian, human rights, and international law dimension. Since July 2011, the Newsletter has been definitely replaced by the International Commentary. Adopting a renewed concept, format and layout it is now the ITPCM’s flagship publication (for more details see the Commentary page).

Please, find in the ‘Attachment’ box on the right hand side all past edition of the ITPCM Newsletter, from April 2007 until April 2011.