Networks & Services

Summary of recent projects of the area

SDN control of flexible optical networks

IDEALIST: Enabling elastic operations in optical networks

GN3PLUS: SDN control of super-channels

PACE: PCE role in SDN networks

Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE)

OFELIA: Joint control of IT and network resources in a DC

FED4FIRE: Cloud applications based on joint it/network control

FED4FIRE: Integrated Energy efficiency in access/metro networks

NOE: Energy efficiency in access networks

Interconnection networks and network-on-chip

RODIN, DEMO-RODIN, NANORODIN:  Energy-efficient and scalable optical interconnection networks

MINOS: Photonic devices for ultrafast switching in datacom apps

CHOPIN: On- chip integrated optical interconnection network for computing application

Optical Network Monitoring

MOMOT: Multi domain optical modeling tool

ORCHESTRA: Cross-layer, self-reconfigurable flexible optical performance monitoring

Resource orchestration in 5G Networks

5G Exchange (multi-domain, multi-technology orchestration)

ASSO Architetture e Soluzioni Sistemistiche Ottiche per la Networked Society

Wireless enablers live legal data recording

SDR: Surgery data recorder

Corporate sponsored

RFI: high-speed (AV/AC) national railway control network

Ericsson: Novel TE paradigms based on segment routing