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GROWINPRO - Growth Welfare Innovation Productivity

GROWINPRO aims to provide a detailed analysis of the causes of the anaemic growth performance observed in Europe during the last decades and, in particular, after the Great Recession. On the grounds of such analysis, GROWINPRO will deliver a set of policy solutions aimed at restoring sustained and inclusive economic growth with particular attention both on the demand and on the supply-side.

GROWINPRO brings together researchers from eleven international academic institutions and three national statistical offices. The joint interaction between academic institutions and national statistical offices provides GROWINPRO with a focus on new data sources, methods and statistical indicators to address the challenges posed by the call.

The project has two main ambitions. From a diagnostic perspective, it proposes to link three levels of analysis – macro, meso and micro – empirically dissecting the sources of productivity slowdown and the relations between productivity, demand and growth. From a normative perspective, it aims at providing a novel, integrated set of policies to push Europe towards a balanced, innovation-fuelled and inclusive trajectory of development, also addressing major societal challenges, such as climate change, ageing population, and robotization.

Scientific coordinator: Andrea Roventini

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