Institute of Economics


Complexity Modellers Society (CoMoS)

The Modelling Society is a new initiative at the Sant’Anna Schools of Advanced Studies, bringing researchers from different scientific communities together to share ideas, resources and experience in agent-based and computational modelling. The activities are coordinated at the Institute of Economics, but encompass researchers at the Institute of Management, and PhD students in Economics, Management and Data Science. Recent research produced by members of the Society can be found in the LEM Working Papers Series.

Modellers Meeting series

The Society plans to organise regular plenary meetings to present research in agent-based computational economics and computational statistics. The meetings provide an opportunity to discuss current work and results, to share best practices in economic modelling and coding of models, and develop approaches for empirical validation of simulated models.

  • Inaugural meeting: 30 January 2018
    • Welcome and Introduction to the Initiative - Francesco Lamperti (Sant'Anna)
    • Presentation of Git and Github – Matteo Sostero (Sant’Anna)
    • NAIF model – Giulio Bottazzi (Sant’Anna)
    • Limit-book model – Jacopo Staccioli (Sant’Anna)
    • Banks-net model – Fabio Vanni (Sant’Anna)
    • Investment and behavioural Selection model – Daniele Giachini (Sant’Anna)
    • AgriLowe model – Martina Occelli and Matteo Coronese (Sant’Anna)
    • Clim-net model – Francesco Lamperti (Sant’Anna)
    • No Man is an Island – Mattia Guerini (OFCE)
    • Islands + Banks model – Daniele Giachini (Sant’Anna)
    • Multipliers – Elisa Palagi (Sant’Anna)
    • Macro-prudential regulation model – Lilit Popoyan (Sant’Anna)
    • Multicountry model – Emanuele Russo (Sant’Anna)
    • Developments in the Schumpeter Meeting Keynes model – Marcelo Pereira (Campinas) & Francesco Lamperti (Sant'Anna)
  • Open meeting on 5 March 2018: Freewheeling on Big Data, Platforms and Data Analysis
    • Welcome Address – Francesca Chiaromonte (Sant’Anna)
    • Agent-based models and Networks Data – Francesco Lamperti (Sant’Anna)
    • SoBigData – Fosca Giannotti (CNR)
    • Quantitative Finance Data – Fabrizio Lillo (Scuola Normale Superiore)
    • Patent Data – Arianna Martinelli (Sant’Anna)
    • Healthcare Data – Chiara Seghieri (Sant’Anna)
    • Law & Ethics of Big Data – Giovanni Comandè (Sant’Anna)

Modellers Workshops

The Society organises technical workshops to disseminate best practices for modelling work.

  • The first three-part workshop on Git and GitHub helped modellers improve their workflow by coordinating joint coding efforts in GitHub.


Faculty coordinators at the Institute of Economics are Francesca Chiaromonte and Andrea Roventini.

Members at the Institute of Economics:

  • Giulio Bottazzi
  • Matteo Coronese
  • Daniele Giachini
  • Matias Iglesias
  • Francesco Lamperti
  • Martina Occelli
  • Elisa Palagi
  • Gianluca Pallante
  • Lilit Popoyan
  • Emanuele Russo

External members:

  • Mattia Guerini – OFCE Nice, France
  • Marcelo Pereira – University of Campinas, Brasil
  • Mauro Napoletano – OFCE Nice, France
  • Maria Enrica Virgillito – Università Cattolica, Milan
  • Amir Sani – Imperial College and CFM, UK
  • Tania Treibich – Maastricht University, the Netherlands
  • Jacopo Staccioli - Università Cattolica, Milan