International Law and European Union Law

The faculty members belonging to the areas of International Law and European Union Law are Prof. Andrea de Guttry, Dr Emanuele Sommario and Dr Francesca Capone. The post-doctoral researchers currently part of the research team are: Dr Annalisa Creta, Dr Chiara Macchi and Dr Silvia Venier.

The research activities conducted focus on a number of  ‘research pillars’, the main ones are:

  • Human Rights Law: the main topics addressed cover business and human rights, protection of vulnerable groups, remedies and reparation for victims of human rights violations, protection of human rights in emergency/armed conflict situations, human rights in law enforcement activities.
  • The role of universal and regional organizations in the international legal order: the topics covered include the role of IOs and regional organizations in promoting peace and security (in particular through peacekeeping/peacebuilding activities), the duty of care of international organizations, international administrative law. .
  • Counter-terrorism law: the topics analysed under this pillar range from the international counter-terrorism framework (relevant UN Security Council Resolutions as well as sectoral conventions), the foreign fighters phenomenon, the relationship between counter-terrorism law and other fields of international law, in particular human rights law, international humanitarian law, international criminal law.
  • Legal aspects of Disaster preparedness, prevention, response and of post-disaster recovery: this area addresses the legal obligations of States, IOs and other entities in disaster management activities. The subject is explored through the lens of the specific rules of international and EU disaster law, while taking into account other relevant areas of international law (environmental law, human rights law, international trade law, the law of immunities, etc.)

The research undertaken in these fields have produced a number of different outcomes, both in terms of research projects, funded through different calls, and academic publications. For the complete list of publications authored by the members of the research team please visit their individual pages on the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna’s web site.