Seasonal School



Deadline for Registration

15 April 2021

Learning objectives

The main focus of the Seasonal School will be on the international legal context of climate change and on the global governance efforts addressing this phenomenon. However, in light of the complexity of climate change and the intrinsic need to adopt an interdisciplinary perspective, the Seasonal School will also provide the participants with the opportunity to acquire a basic knowledge of the scientific, economic and ethical aspects related to climate change. Notably, the legal perspective itself will be characterized by a multidisciplinary approach in order to reflect not only on the evolution of the specific body of international climate change law, but also on the role of other areas of law, such as human rights law, public comparative law, agricultural law and migration law.

Teaching methodologies

The Seasonal School will be characterized by a unique combination of lectures and interactive sessions. The main goal of such an innovative approach is to provide participants with the opportunity to apply the theoretical skills acquired during the frontal sessions to a practical scenario. Each interactive session will be held in the afternoon at the end of three of the five days, and will be coordinated and delivered by the lecturers, encompassing both academics and practitioners, who are present during the day. The principal characteristic of this Seasonal School initiative is the strong focus on the importance of integrating theoretical and practical sessions, making it stand out from other initiatives offered by foreign Universities and institutions.

Who should attend this Seasonal School?

The Seasonal School’s main target is represented by recently graduated and undergraduate students who have completed at least a Bachelor Degree. In the case of students enrolled in a 5-year Law Degree Course the participation is reserved to those who are attending the fourth and fifth year. However, LLM and Master students are also encouraged to apply given the fact that the Seasonal School will fill an important gap in the current educational offer of Italian Universities, as well as of many foreign academic institutions.


Dr Francesca Capone

Key teaching staff:

  • Prof. Andrea de Guttry
  • Prof. Mariagrazia Alabrese

  • Dr Francesca Biondi Dal Monte

  • Prof. Eloisa Cristiani

  • Prof. Giuseppe Martinico

  • Prof. Alberto Pirni


July 2021 (first or second week of the month)