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PhD candidate in "Human Rights and Global Politics: Legal, Philosophical and Economic Challenges" - DIRPOLIS Institute. I study the socio-cultural implications of interactive technologies.

I am associate researcher of the CyberethicsLab, addressing the socio-technical implications of disruptive technologies in EU Horizon 2020 projects. Previously, I worked as Scientific Coordinator of the 1st level Master in "Artificial Intelligence: Law and Ethics of Emerging Technologies" of the European Unviersity of Rome.

I graduated with honors in Philosophy at University La Sapienza of Rome with a thesis entitled The Social Robot as a Significant Other - Meaningful Relations in Human-Robot Interactions, under the supervision of Daniele Nardi, Professor in Robotics and AI. A large part of my studies focused on the study of Philosophy of Psychoanalysis, in particular Jacques Lacan. Meanwhile, I was fellow of Superior School of Advanced Studies, the college for outstanding students of Sapienza University.

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My research focuses on the ethical, political and intersubjective implications of Social Robotics. More generally, I am interested in how technological innovations reframe the humans' approach to social relations.   

Conferences and Talks

Forthcoming “Alienation and Recognition: The ∆ Phenomenology of the Human-Social Robot-Interaction (HSRI)” Conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology 

“Sexual Robots Impact on Human Sexual Expectations” (2020) 5th International Conference on Love and Sex with Robots

“Dysfunctional Relations with Social Robots: Issues and Strategies” (2020) Philosophy of Human-Technology Relations Conference

“Social Robots: The concept of Subjective Reference” (2020) HCI 2020 International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

“AI Impact on Human Social and Cultural Structures” (2019) Rethinking Economics Pisa.

“Sexual Robots and the Social Authorization of Abusive Behaviors”. (2019) Paper presented at “Experimental and Integrative Approaches to Robo-ethics” workshop in the context of the International Conference on Social Robotics 2019, Madrid.

“Companion Robots: the Hallucinatory Danger of Human-Robot Interactions” (2018) Paper presented at AIES 2018 Conference on AI, Ethics, and Society, New Orleans


Lecturer, Tor Vergata University of Rome, 2021

I teach a 10 hours module on Philosophy of Robotics. Topics range from interaction studies in human-robot interactions, philosophy of mind and robotics, psychological and ethical issues of Companion Robots. The module is inside the postgraduate course in Philosophy of Informatics.

Lecturer, Experis Corporate Academy – Master in Robotics, 2021

I am responsible of the Ethics and Legal implications of Robotics (8 hours). Topics included: EU regulation and guidelines on Robotics and AI, socio-psychological implications of Companion Robotics, basic concepts of interaction studies, workshop on a case-study.

Lecturer, European University of Rome, 2020

Course: “Social Robotics: Psychological Approach to Design Strategies” to Master students

Course: “Semantic and syntactic understanding in humans and machines” to postgraduate students in the I level master in “Artificial Intelligence: Law and Ethics of Emerging Technologies”.

Lecturer, Sapienza University of Rome, 2018-2020

Semestral workshops on Ethics of AI to MSc students in Robotics.

Lecturer, EPFL, 2018

Lecture “Ethical approaches to AI” to MSc students in Computer Science.


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