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Anita mariana Bunea


Anita Mariana Bunea, earned her Ph.D. in Management Science at IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca in 2018, is currently Post-Doc at the Institute of Management of Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa. Her current research interests include innovation diffusion models, energy technologies, performance evaluation of public institutes, community building practices.

  • Bunea, A. M., Della Posta, P., Guidolin, M., & Manfredi, P. (2020). What do adoption patterns of solar panels observed so far tell about governments’ incentive? Insights from diffusion models. Technological Forecasting and Social Change160, 120240.


  • Proceedings 22th EISIC 2019 “Efficiency and quality in services: empirical results from Data Envelopment Analysis in Nursing Homes in Italy”, S. Barsanti, A. Bunea, G. Colombini e E. Pardini, disponibile online dopo 15 Ottobre 2019
  • Conferenza ICEEEP (International Conference on Energy Economics and Energy Policy) 2018 Barcellona: Presentazione del lavoro “State incentive and the global adoption of solar energy: perspectives based on diffusion models”, A. Bunea, P. Manfredi e P. Della Posta.


  • Conferenza 35th EU-PVSEC (European PV Solar Energy Conference) 2018 Bruxelles presentazione poster “Patterns of Sectoral Diffusion of Solar Photovoltaics: A Comparative Analysis in UK”, A. Bunea, P. Manfredi e P. Della Posta).


  • Conferenza AIES (ITALIAN HEALTH ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION) 3-4 ottobre 2019, lavori accettati:
    • “Quality in nursing homes: differences and similarities between family members and residents’ satisfaction in Italy” (lavoro in collaborazione con S. Barsanti, G. Colombini e E. Pardini);
    • "Community building network a tutela della salute" (lavoro in collaborazione con S. Barsanti, M. Bonciani, F. Longo, E. Barzan, A. Zazzera)


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