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    Master's Degree

Starting with the academic year 2009 - 2010, the Sant'Anna School of Pisa added a Master of Science program to its curriculum; these Master's Degree courses may be activated in agreement with other Italian and foreign universities, as provided by the School's Statute (art. 3, paragraph 1, letter d).

The Master of Science program enhances the institutional uniqueness of the School by awarding legal second level university education degrees and establishing joint participations with partner Universities, which include course curricula and teaching assignments.

The Master's Degree Courses are activated based on the following:

  • high specialization educational projects, geared toward interdisciplinarity, internationalization and/or innovation;
  • courses taught for the most part in English for international applications;
  • strict student selection, via admission tests that ensure the quality of the candidates in line with the criteria of excellence proper to the Sant'Anna School;
  • cutting-edge educational programs that complement and add value to the skills and experiences of the Universities involved with the goal of developing innovative professional profiles.

Successful students are awarded a joint Master's Degree by the Sant’Anna School and the partner University.