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The Management and Healthcare Laboratory (MeS Laboratory - Laboratorio MeS), established in December 2004, carries out:

Research to support the performers of the health care system through the management processes and the innovation of health and social care;

Performance evaluation to measure the capacity of the regional health system, of the health authorities and the district areas to be effective and efficient, in delivering appropriate services in line with the needs of the population;

Management training for top management and for the key figures of the regional health systems, with special regard to the Tuscan System as the Lab represents the accredited subject for the training of top management.

The Lab mission is to develop the managerial sciences in order in support of public health by:

  • enhancing its founding logics;
  • developing and sharing knowledge;
  • building organizational and management innovation to improve citizens health.


The Laboratory's Researches and Analysis on COVID-19 pandemic

The new interactive platform

The MeS Laboratory plays its part in the research and effor to contrast the COVID-19 pandemic, providing and processing the information available at regional and provincial level in Italy in a new interactive platform, freely available at the link:

The tool presents nine charts with different information or different ways of representing some information at regional level and, for all of the cases, at provincial level. In particular, the first chart is dedicated to the contagion trend in terms of positive cases, healed and deceased with evidence (within the graph) of the main measures launched at national level; while the second form allows, by selecting the region, to display regional specific ordinances in the graph of the progress of the cases. Furthermore, there is a focus on the number of tests and its relationship with COVID cases and a sheet showing the relationship between the intensive care beds declared for COVID by the Regions on the population and the saturation index of the beds in intensive care.
The data are updated in real time with the publication of the information by the Civil Protection.

The web conference

The web conference "Managing existing Health Systems for resisting in a crisis situation: the Italian experience facing the Coronavirus emergency" organized by the MeS Laboratory on April 2, 2020, is part of the training and dissemination activities of the HealthPros project, funded by the European Union as part of "The Innovative Training Networks - Marie Curie actions".

>> Watch the complete recording of the web conference on our YouTube channel


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