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Contact for info: Stefania Crespina
Tel:  050 883 272
Mail:  concorso_allievi@santannapisa.it
Contact for info: Laura Tomaipitinca
Tel:  050 883 372
Mail:  concorso_allievi@santannapisa.it
Head Francesca Gattai
Tel:  050 883 375
Mail:  francesca.gattai@santannapisa.it

Info and admission

We admit students for undergraduate and graduate courses (calls details on the right) 

Our courses are organized into two faculties:

The Faculty of Social Sciences provides graduate and undergraduate courses in:

  • Economics and Management,
  • Law,
  • Political Sciences.

The Faculty of Experimental Sciences provides graduate and undergraduate courses in:

  • Agricultural Sciences and Biotechnology,
  • Medical Sciences,
  • Industrial and Information Engineering.                                                                      


The 54 Honours Student places are divided as follows:

Faculty of Social Sciences: 27 places, including:
- at least 6 places for Economics and Management;
- at least 7 places for Law;
- at least 6 places for Political Sciences;
following these allocations, the remaining 8 places will be allocated to students who have achieved the highest score
in the final merit ranking, irrespective of their chosen subject area;

Faculty of Experimental and Applied Sciences: 27 places, including:
- 5 places for Agricultural Sciences and Plant Biotechnology;
- 12 places for Industrial and Information Engineering;
- 10 places for Medical Sciences.

With the exception of candidates for Medical Science courses, in order to gain admission to the competitive examination candidates must demonstrate that they have passed the TOLC Test or TOLC@Casa at any of the CISIA affiliated centres, commencing from February 2020 and within the deadline for this call for admissions.

The two written tests are usually held by the two final weeks of August or the first two weeks of September.

The calendar of interviews (if any) will be published asap.


GRADUATE STUDENTS (second level courses)   APPLY HERE

The call opens for 10 positions of honors students available for the following Master courses:

Master of Science in Economics - 2 positions

Master's Degree in Innovation Management - 2 positions

Master's Degree in International Security Studies - 2 positions

Molecural Biotechnology - 2 positions

M.Sc. in Bionics Engineering - 2 positions 


The calendar of interviews (if any) will be published asap.